Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockstar - Why it was made ?

This was my second movie, in which I just wanted to leave even before the first half was over. The other one was "We are family". Spent around 1,000 Rupees on "Rock-star" last night, each and every penny was a sheer waste. Did not had any high hopes from Ranbir Kapoor, but took a risk because of Imtiaz Ali. However, it turned out that Imtiaz's touch was nowhere to be seen in the whole movie.

After sitting in the theater for initial one hour, I have lost confidence in all these self-acclaimed movie reviewers spread across, news papers and review-websites. I won't be surpised to know if most of them do not even watch the movie, for which they come up with a review, using some uncommon words from english language to impress common people like us. May be they are also getting paid (handsomely), as the marketing department is paid by producers of a movie.

Some of the reviewers have gone gaga on Ranbir Kapoor's acting in the movie. Excuse Meeeee !!!!

In a nut-shell, Rockstar has absurd story-line, confused direction, horrible acting from the protoganists, all in all a perfect mess. Movie starts with Ranbir Kapoor shown as a struggling artist, carrying his guitar everywhere. That's the only thing you can understand about the movie, after that everything is thrown at the audience out of nowhere - there are Ranbir's flashbacks, auditions, stage performances, song-sequences, his on-and-off bizzarre relationship with Nargis. You get a feeling of disorientation because there is no connection between a scene and its next scene. You never know from a struggling artist how and when he became a Rock-star, why is he showing around tantrums all around, with fake anger. He is playing guitar and singing in a dargah, then he is shown standing in front of his home, at least ten times. Out of nowhere there is a journalist who is being forced by her boss to find out all the information on Ranbir Kapoor. Then there are cancellation of stage shows and therefore Police is there to take Ranbir into custody, when Nargis is getting operated for some unknown problem related to blood cells.

How can someone come up with such an incoherent movie ........

On top of it, length of the movie is 3 hours .......................

Sheer Torture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!