Friday, March 23, 2012

Agent Vinod - Finaly Bollywood Delivered !!!

Booked tickets for Agent Vinod on Thursday night, once I reached home from office. Was feeling good because of long weekend (Ugadi festival). Once tickets were booked, out of curiosity, started looking for any reviews for the movie, and there I found some stupid reviews again.

I am just back from the movie, and to be honest, now I really wonder, what is the actual basis of these reviews, whether even for the reviews, these so called self-authorised reviewers look to grab bags full of currency, or is it in some other form of payback, based on what they write in their review. Something has to be there, otherwise why would someone write such stupid reviews, with no connection to reality. Saw one review on yahoo, some jerk gave this movie "1 star", my advise to that guy is - "Buddy write reviews for the movie, if you have actually watched it. Jerk !!!" 

After trying lot of times (if you can recall movies like Dec 16), Bollywood has finaly delivered an actual spy thriller. No doubt, it is not the "best movie ever made on spy genre", but definitely it has got pace, thrills, twists and on top of everything, it makes you feel "worth my money".

Review shouted that Saif was expressionless, come on guys, Saif is not playing Devdaas or Mr Bean here !!! After watching the movie, I am convinced, he actually pulled it off. As for Kareena, she did an average job, nothing great but at the same time, no major problems either. Rest all star-cast did not had any major screen presence, It was major-ly Saif's show, and he did not disappoint at all.

Few things there, cinematography, editing could have been sharper, length of the movie should have been reduced, at least by 20 minutes. The very first scene in Afghanistan, camera-work was shoddy, you could barely watch, what was happening, scenes were just zipping by.

However, all in all, Agent Vinod was way better than Don 2 and Ra-one. In recent times, one movie which I can rate higher than AV, would be Kahaani.

If you have time, have got taste for Ethan Hunt and 007, go ahead for Agent Vinod with realistic expectations, it would not disappoint you.


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